Top 5 Home Triceps Dumbbell Exercises

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Tired of the gym, or do you not even have access to one? Then try the B.U.F.F. Dudes Triceps Home Workout. This routine is full of exercises which will help you build your Guns! Want the best Home Workout with only one pair of Dumbbells? Well, you got one. Go for it, Dudes!

Triceps Dumbbell Workout

1. Close grip Dumbbell Press – holding the dumbbells together, bring down the weight to the chest and push to the top position and squeeze the triceps. This is a compound movement.

2. Standing French Press – holding the dumbbells together, bring them behind your neck for a compete stretch and extend upwards till just before lockout and return.

3. Kick-Backs – Bend over, keeping your upper arms stable and to your side with your lower arms at a 90 degree angle and extend the lower arms back to lockout.

4. Bench Dips (with dumbbell in lap) – hands placed on the bench with a dumbbell (or two) in your lap. Bend the elbows to bring the body downward till the upper and lower arms are at a 90 degree angle and extend up till lockout, squeezing the triceps.

5. Dumbbell Skull Crusher – take the dumbbells at arms length right in line with your shoulder and begin by bending at your elbows, lowering the weight till the dumbbells are beside your head and then extend upward till lockout, squeezing your triceps.


Buff Dudes / Fitness / Best Home Workout Routine – Triceps Dumbbells Routine
Shot n’ Edited by: Hudson
Starring: Brandon White

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A1 Kev says:

This guy is literally Thor. Even his dumbbells look like his hammer.

Hermione Potter says:

Added a couple new exercises to my routine…thanks, from a GAL 💪🏼

Mehmet Sarıoğlu says:

3:36 my face when i can not poopping

Benvict says:

This looks gay, but I think this one does work

lebby curry says:

Everyone is saying this guy is Thor but I see Prince Charming from Shrek

Alex Jeong says:

Wow bi lateral kickbacks are really hard and puts pressure on my back. Can someone help?

Antonio Charbonaè says:

Love you guys

Jose Padilla says:

Damn dude I truly appreciate you man🙏

Ben L says:

Anyone else here because of coronavirus?

Robin Smith says:

Nice!!! Thanks dude!!!💪🏼

Caleb Tolu says:

Thor is that you ? 😒

Philip Collins says:

Great work outs Bro. Phil Collins. Uk.

John Solitude says:

bro 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Victor escudero says:

Even his dumbbells looks like the Thor hammer

bolševikas tavo says:

Hi looks like Thor with those dumbbells😂

Pinche Poor says:

Hold up,
That transition got me all kinds of fucked up

Sam Summer says:

Coronavirus gang where we at?

Razzar 21 says:

Quick video, gets to the point and doesn't drag on. 10/10

Willem says:

Epic voice bro

Mislav Gecevic says:

Thor has really let himself go since the Asgard got destroyed

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