Top 5 Pelvic Floor Exercises

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These Pelvic Floor Exercises are some of my favorites. Since the pelvic floor muscles are small, it doesn’t take a lot of movement to work them, so it’s best to start with a little and slowly work up. Watch more pelvic exercises here:

The pelvic floor is a group of small muscles along the floor of the pelvis. They help support organs in the pelvis and help with stability in the hip area.

The first exercise is going to be a pelvic tilt. When done correctly, you are not using your legs to tilt at the pelvis, just your pelvic muscles.

Then you can progress to doing pelvic clocks. It’s just like it sounds by imagining you have a clock on your tummy. Then you can tilt at different angles of the clock.

The next exercise is a progressive movement, so you can start with each movement at a time. Place a ball in between your knees. Go into a pelvic tilt and squeeze the ball. If those are easy, then lift your feet to where your hips and knees are at about a 90-degree angle. Then if that’s easy, you can place your hands on the front of your thighs to also activate your hip flexors by pushing into your hands. Try to keep your tilt the whole time.

The last two exercises focus on the obturator internus muscle. It also attaches to the femur bone to help with stability. So it’s a great general hip exercise as well. Place the ball in between your knees again, and while you squeeze into the ball, push your feet outward without moving them with an isometric squeeze.

Finally, wrap a belt or strap around your ankles, and roll onto your stomach. Bend your knees so your feet are up toward the ceiling. Push out into the belt like you are pushing your feet away from each other, and at the same time tighten your core by tucking your tailbone in.

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Top 5 Pelvic Floor Exercises:

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Evelyn Chambers says:

Good detail instructions I can see how the girls do the hip dance

jannette jarvis says:

I just found out that I have a servre incontinence issue can I still use these exercises

Oreo Biscuit says:

Can this help reduce internal snapping hip syndrome?

Country Lets says:

Hey great video, where did you get your pillow from?

R music says:

I have been to probably 8 different pelvic floor specialists, and your exercises are better than all of them. Unfortunately, too many are only into trigger point release, internal work, and breathing exercises and none of that works! Thank you so much for these strength training exercises. Just did them with you and already feeling good. Exercise brings blood flow to weaken muscles! 🙂

thermometredupochard says:

Question. What purple pillow are you using? Assisting my wife with pelvic floor exercises. Thank you for sharing.

VforVespa says:


Alhassan Hamdiya says:

Please would this help strngthen my pelvic floor

Val Price says:

Dr. Jo, would these work for men? Or would there be a different routine? Thanks

5065ca says:

idk why I like the "disclaimer alert "…
ps i know im not the only one 😁

Dark Matter says:


2cartoos Pubg says:

What I am losing thigh fat and slim pelvic pls tell me

Linda Chen says:

For the exercise where you have the ball and you're pushing your feet out on the floor…. Is it ok if you slightly lift your hips up? I have a hard time telling if I'm pushing out on my feet and I feel like when I lift my hip slightly it allows more weight on the feet which makes it easier to do the push-out. ?? Thank you very much.

Sayyed Arzoo Nadeem says:

Hello mam… My brother find it hard to do toilet, it come little bit late and after toilet he also feels pain… Is pelvic floor muscles involve in it???

hopito ______ says:

I started cardio and my pelvis hurts…. What am I supposed to do?

Aaron Parker says:

Is it me or does Dr Jo wear some pretty cool looking socks,I love the videos Dr Joe,keep up the amazing work.

Fatema Isfa says:

After c section can i do this?

The Davis Family says:

Will these exercises help with prolapsed bladder at all?

LISA Lapree says:

Oh wow feel the blood circulation from tbe clock movement

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