Top 5 Shoulder Surgery Recovery Tips: How to Prepare Yourself and Your Home

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Michelle shares her Top 5 Shoulder Surgery Recovery Tips so you can ease your after surgery anxiety by learning how to prepare yourself and your home.

Michelle is recovering from her own minor shoulder surgery and used these same tips to help manage sleeping, preparing food, performing daily activities one handed, and so much more.

Let me know if the comment section if any of these tips help you. Best of luck on your recovery!

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Recliner ideas-
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E Mon says:

I just had a reversed full right shoulder replacement 8 days ago, they stitch inside and glued outside skin, I took a shower and wash my hair the very next day with my left hand. The nerve block took a full four days to wear out. I have take only 3 of the 12 medications they prescribed (take as needed), only taken anti-inflammatory, aspirin and vitamin D. Pain is very mild and I am doing a lot of stuff around already. Today I had to drive, no big deal, they said 6 weeks because there is a concern for those that jump on OxyContin ( I don't recommend drive if you are taking drugs for pain) I have not taken anything for pain so I am very confident to drive. Tomorrow I am getting a steering wheel Spinner Knob that will help a lot driving with one hand, that may be a tip #6. Biggest issue for me is fall asleep on my back, I am a belly down sleeper.

Hemi Vic says:

I’ve had 5 shoulder surgeries and to wash my hair, I did this in my kitchen sink! It was a very easy process and an easy way to keep my hair clean! When sleeping, I put a small pillow under my arm which kept my arm from moving! It helped me sleep better!

MsMoNeY87 says:

I’m having surgery this coming Thursday in my left shoulder. This is definitely helpful.

Raven Darkshadow says:

ive even rigged up a few things like a backboard for the trashcan shots, the pillow pinned down so it cant slide out when i lie down, grabber claws for canned goods to be opened by the newly mounted lid opener, the water containers pre filled for 2 weeks, auto plant watering spikes, easy clothes in the front of the closet access, slipon shoes, and toe practice assists!! 😛

skipp Luna says:

Gracias por compartir tan valiosos tips,un abrazo gracias mil!!

Eric Martin says:

Learn to sleep on ur back and practice getting out of bed or a chair one handed, I had a hole and two tares repaired, the pain the first few days was wild.

Ninja Kris says:

Ever hear of anyone going into alcohol rehab after rotator cuff surgery? Kind of like killing 2 birds at once.

Brooks 777 says:

Suggest " slip on " tennis shoes , as it is not possible to tie each shoe. I purchase TOMs tennis shoes.
And suggest shorts with no zipper or sweat pants.

Kristy Hodgson says:

thank you 👏👏👏

Sassie Texanna says:

Excellent information, thank you 😊

zulma Bontiffe says:

The BRA PLEASE….????

Rob Hernandez says:

Scar pad is a great idea. I’ve never heard of them. Wish I would have seen this sooner. Areas were so sensitive that I flipped shirts inside out because seams were rubbing. Lots of great tips. 👍🏽

Mobile Therapy Group says:

Love these practical ideas. I’ll share this with my patients having shoulder surgery. Thanks Michelle!

Sandy McLain says:

I had my total shoulder replacement 4 weeks ago and was happy that I had a simple cotton/poly sling to wear in the shower as well as a front closing bra that I was able to put on at the 2 week mark.

Mr. Ken says:

But, how do I dry my back one handed? No one says anything about that. It's all about washing.

Ginny says:

Excellent information. I am preparing for a total shoulder replacement and your tips are very helpful. Thank you.

nurse debbie says:

I’ll be having total shoulder replacement plus a rotator cuff. I’m 60 years old and I’m only 5 ft tall. 28 years of being a nurse I had to lift patients in beds. Because of my height I couldn’t use my legs to properly lift. I’m a good nurse, but not a good patient! Please pray for my husband! I’m a weenie when it comes to pain!

Sandra Weise says:

Tube dresses are easy to wear at first! Easy to pull up with one hand.

Ed M says:

Thanks for these tips. I am preparing myself to have a surgery cos i can't sleep from pain due to partial rotator cuff 4mm tear. I thought physical theraphy would fix my shoulder pain but it doesnt go away.

Susan Cowe says:

Thankyou very helpful 🤞🤞🤩🤩🌻

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