Top Must Try Resistance Band Exercises For Bigger Toned Glutes

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•Must Try Resistance Band Workout For Bigger Toned Glutes –
•HOW TO ACTIVATE GLUTES │ No Equipment Needed –

•Lower Abs
•Hourglass Ab Routine

•Shed Belly Fat
•Knee Friendly HIIT


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WordUp Magazines says:

I love your glutes workout, we gotta train and share some tips.

ChloeKanmi says:

Quarantine booty!!! Going to do this at least 4x a week, with diet and exercise, also taking maca. Goal is to fill out my hip dips & increase booty size!!

Hunter ! says:

Hey girl how many sets/reps do you recommend for these??

I did all the exercises 3sets 15reps( took me like 1.5 hours) & bbg half way through I was DYINGGGGGGGGGGGG

Natalie Green says:

Do you have to squeeze your butt when your doing squats or can you not squeeze? Will it still be effective if I don't?

Patricia D says:

I can get with this. How many reps are suggested? The regular 10?

Britloves Quincy says:

You have a nice ass (I don't mean that in a disrespectful way)

aaliyah francis says:

How long do you do each one for?

Miissshaay Raantz says:

How many reps and sets do you recommend for each workout ?

halyn garcia says:

does this work the Glutes only or the Glutes and the hips?

Brenda Vasquez says:

I love that you go straight to the workout, not just bla bla bla ❤️❤️ I have noticed amazing results in less than 3 months

Chancho says:

This was very concise. Thank you lol

Alisha Khan says:

Why do heavy resistance bands have longer lengths, won’t that be too loose?

Sarah Rouh says:

How many sets so you do from it? Please answer

Hunter ! says:

I did this 2x 20 reps per exercise per set & girl 😯😯😯 imma be in pain tomorrow

Ana Mazariegos says:

What are the sizes of the bands used ?

Ann Pfoxy says:

Amazing workouts! How many reps though ??

Dominique Darko says:

Hit every muscle….I’m in pain! Love this video, thanks!!!

crystal garcia says:

I just bought my bands and before I could try them out I lost them 🙁 and I’m sooo sad because I wanted to do this over the weekend at home since I don’t hit the gym those days. Now I have to wait till they get delivered again during the week. I had to order new ones 🙁

Ameryst Friscia says:

When did u start seeing results ?

Cindy Machado says:

These are killer babe, you have a beautiful soul sharing these workouts with us ladies

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