Total Body Pilates! 20 Minute Tone & Shape, Legs, Butt, Abs, Beginners Home Workout, Flexib

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Join Kait for a 20 minute Pilates Workout to tone and shape the legs, butt, abs, arms and build strength
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Total Body #Pilates! 20 Minute Tone & Shape, Legs, Butt, Abs, #Beginners Home #Workout, #Flexibility

Join Kait for a 20 minute Pilates Workout to tone and shape the legs, butt, abs, arms and build strength, flexibility and a healthy, fit body! Kait teaches yoga, ballet and pilates.

Learn more about Kait:

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PsycheTruth says:

Please CLICK THE NOTIFICATION BELL! Our subscribers aren't being shown our videos unless they click the notification bell next to the subscribe button.

rafcool100 says:

This is not for beginners!

ParrisOTurner says:

This video has many imperfections but I love it!!!

Alexia Landa says:

I normally do some form of cardio for 45 mins to an hour. I just started watching this video 12 days ago. I am definitely noticing a difference in my midsection, especially my lower belly. My posture has improved and I have less back pain. I'm excited to see the results 30 days in.

anne marie says:

Is she a ballet dancer? Her legs movements are so on point! 👍

anne marie says:

how can u even do that? 😭
ok, i will keep practising ✊

selina km says:

Namjoon brought me here..

ParrisOTurner says:

This was so hard but I'm gonna try it again. Back to back

Meena K. says:

Lisa said it

Yurisla D. Virgusta says:

got the lisa ads on some show telling that she does pilates, came here just to see how pilates work, now i prefer cardio..

Raniela Zyra says:

Came here because of Lisa

Veronica Bennett says:

I saw 21 min and said "I got this" once I started. My favorite part was. Last one.

You Tube says:

How is the first exercise for beginners,?

Ursula Smartt says:

During the coronavirus crisis Kait's pilates is keeping myself and my husband (who has never done pilates) sane as we are housebound in Southern England. More exercises please Kait!

AngelicPhantom says:

Awesome workout 🙂 I really struggled, but I aim to get better at this by doing it daily. And maybe mixing it up with some of your other workouts.

Sensei Wu Productions says:

Lol up to the ground

Person Person says:

“Well done”

Me: sitting on the floor and watching this

Me: I am doing a great job

shafaya alika says:

can i do this in my bed?

Katanya Jason says:

I'm confused, inhale or exhale? 17:36 17:44

Amanda S says:

This was NOT for beginners. There were no modifications if you struggled with moves.

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