Total Body Resistance Bands Workout You Can Do at Home (or even on a Paddle Board)

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If you’re looking for a resistance bands workout that you can literally do anywhere – at home, at the office, on vacation…or even a paddle board – then make sure to bookmark this total body workout, with exercises for every major muscle group, using only resistance bands.

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Video work done by Inline Photography.
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To complete this workout you will do two sets of 10 reps for every exercise. Make sure to use enough resistance to challenge yourself. The tension created by bands can build muscle like free weights, or machines, as long as you apply the same amount of intensity to your workouts.
0:17 Breakdown of Total Body Workout Using Resistance Bands
1:03 Resistance Bands Leg workout
1:55 Resistance Bands Back workout
3:13 Resistance Bands Chest workout
4:55 Resistance Bands Shoulder workout
5:45 Resistance Bands Rear Delts workout
7:10 Resistance Bands Biceps workout
8:23 Resistance Bands Triceps workout
9:33 Resistance Bands workout on a SUP paddle board
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MusicM@@ves says:

Been gaining shape and stength and no gym membership.. while traveling.. thanks to your workouts.

Herman Evcil says:

Hello James, just wanted to thank you for highlighting the key points of an exercise, taking care on the details and not having a video that takes 27 minutes.

Tom Cartwright says:

Cool ideas bro

Martin b says:

How long are resistance bands?

Isaiah Boothe says:

This is a life saver

Richard Shah says:

Really confused about how you increase overload with this? I get you can up the band strength and increase the distance by increasing slack in part of the band. How else can you progress in a way comparable to adding more weight to the bar or increasing dumb bell weight? How do you know you're improving?

Luke Bakhuizen says:

I got some bands from and can do almost all the same workouts I used to do at gym, even using a pole through the bands you can do bench press etc. All you need is a few bands at different weight ranges and you can do almost everything at home.

Franklin badde says:

If anyone says resistance band ain’t work beat them with the heavy band on their back

Simon Darley says:

Thanks for all your resistance band videos James!! 🤜 I have only just discovered resistance bands and I love them and your routines kill me!! I strive to be built like you using bands! Much love brother!

riad algerie says:

Thnk you men

Sherrie Similton says:

I'm totally down for being able to see actual gains using resistance bands while wearing flip flops 💯 🌴🛶☀️
Thats what I'm talkin' bout!!! Keep up the good work

Chris Graf says:

I love this stuff James. Thanks so much for the detailed breakdown and explanation. Legend

Max says:

Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for 🙂

OFCI says:

Elastic bands hurt my hands, what should i do?

thistoob says:

With C19 keeping us out of the gym, your bite sized 12 min-ish instructional vids are a God send. Really thinking about never buying a gym membership again. Thanks!

Randish Joeglal says:

Wow I love this guy. Coronavirus sucks but I'm so happy that at least it led me to this channel. Thank you! 😀

UltimateHibz says:

Damn the bands are sold out

David Arthur says:

whats the length of the bands? some I've seen on the internet are 2M some are 1.5m?

Элли Добрая says:

Such an amazing and useful exercises.. Thank you so much ☺

topflightenglish says:

Very useful,. but where is the workout for the abs and legs? It said this would be a total body workout!

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