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Have fun working your entire body using resistance bands! This 13- minute routine is going to tone and strengthen muscles you didn’t even realize you had. Resistance bands can go with you anywhere, so this is the perfect workout for when you’re on the road, or just don’t have the time (or desire) to go to the gym! So grab your resistance band and get ready to hit it with me and my trainers!

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Lynda McCullough says:

Love this–thank you! My first band workout ever, I picked a good one,

Sue Landless says:

Same here, love band workouts. thanks.

Sabrena Robinson says:

Love this!!!❤

Yolanda Rice says:

This was awesome! Thanks

TheRevolverLady says:

wow…that was actually…fun!!! Thank you so much!

Alexandra Butoi says:

Damn, I'm FEELING it. The burn is so real but I always remind myself of the results I get if I keep going.

Ingrid R says:

Thank you! Stuck at home cuz of CoVid19. My gym is closed and these things are the only piece of equipment I have in my apartment!! 💕💕💕. Stay healthy!

Amanda Crismore says:

My resistance band it too short! ☹

Kayta peace perrty beautiful Mcrae says:


Sheri Weitz says:

You're adorable! Great, fun band workout. I'll slow the pace for my beginner, more mature students. I teach a dance/strengthen combo so this is perfect!

Becky Bates says:

This is exactly the video I was searching for. I just bought bands and jouned a gym class and needed to see what all to do with my bands. Thank you for the video.

Nisha Chandak says:

Simón Walker says:


Dora Oliveira says:

Show de bola arrasaram

Beba Luna says:

Que felicidad el haber encontrado esta gimnasia, muchas gracias!!

bolsas Del Callejo says:

En donde puedo comprar la banda grande????
No la encuentro

Rocio Pastor Soria says:

La muchacha del pelo corto no se a enterado de una mierda de como se coje la banda jajajjajaaj

Juliet Robin says:

This is awesome. Thanks for sharing. I immediately subscribed. My bands were not as long as yours so fortunately for me I had two long tubings that worked fine. One would not have been string enough. I did this workout at 11.30 close to midnight.

Gabikay says:

This is great! Thank you so much. I will keep doing this workout!

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