Training Abs With Resistance Bands

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Check out this video for one of my favorite ab exercises using Resistance Bands and the Undersun door anchor. ⁣

Undersun Resistance Bands Door Anchors are a small, light and portable anchor-point for resistance band training. When combined with Undersun Resistance Bands, you can Transform any ordinary door into a full gym’s worth of exercises! ⁣

Comment what muscle group you’d like to see next 👇

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B72 says:

You rock! Gonna do this workout this afternoon. I have resistance bands with varying weights so to have levels of resistance

tiptop331 says:

Thank you so much, I hate getting on the floor.

dollars White says:

Hi, very helpful I was moving my hips back now I'm not lot more harder, thank you, I luv my bands

Abby Ruiz says:

This works so well and I hate sit ups but do this on a daily and my stomach is looking so good

Søren Hansen says:

Thanks its a great exercie i Will start 👍

Mateusz Żuchowski says:

4 minutes and one excercise, not worth my time

Luke Bakhuizen says:

I got some bands from and can do almost all the same workouts I used to do at gym, even using a pole through the bands you can do bench press etc. All you need is a few bands at different weight ranges and you can do almost everything at home.

Texas Crossbow Dude says:

James, I'm having trouble ordering your bands from your site due to various pricing and emails your customer support but not much help from that particular person. I don't want to be negative or bitchy but who can I REALLY talk to for a resolution and not back and forth emails?

The .B says:

This guy is single-handedly staving off Quarantine obesity with these band workouts. Fucking God-send.

black latina7 says:

Can women do this?

mizan689 says:

Hi James, just purchased the Ta2 build. Please upload more of these short clips.

Jack Slater says:

I converted to bodyweight exercises due to travel but its a compromise.
I think you may have convinced me this could be the best alternative.
Also maybe it's easier on the joints too.

Kamran Khan says:

James do you use any apps to track your workout actvities?

Marios Alexandropoulos says:

this channel is a hidden gem and the whole philosophy behind training with resistance bands is fascinating!Loving training with bands now with whole corona virus thing!

Lewis 10 says:

Might sound stupid but I don’t know what bands to get in terms of weight . How do you figure out what ones you need ?

Krane says:

Thanks for that. Finally, someone with some home ban training. I order a set of bans from Amazon (boy are they expensive rubber bans) after my gym closed. You can't do leg extensions, but otherwise, they're not too bad. I don't have that door thing though.

Helmut Krüsemann says:

Please make more videos in how to train legs and build some serious wheels!!!

Froshigi says:

me: does face pulls with bands attached to my bedroom door
mom: opens door

lmaoo my faace rip

1990 says:

I'm buying a set of these from you if I ever get out of Thailand and home.

Wade Curatola says:

Thank you. You still own bpi?

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