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U-POWEX Resistance Bands: https://amzn.to/2OYEAD0

U-POWEX Unboxing: https://youtu.be/7p8L2dUWFH4

The U-POWEX resistance bands are a solid set of bands to complete any home workout gym. I bought these to replace my Shred Bands (see link below) as they are not sold online anymore.

I use these bands to supplement certain exercises in my training as well as train with them in place of cardio if it is raining or snowing outside.

The video goes over why I love these resistance bands and how it may help with your home training. Feel free to comment below with any questions you may have. Be fit – game on!

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Unboxing: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLko1f6RuBmJLm9rwvNdJLG4rYtrxsa7Cn

Please leave any comments/questions below for follow-up videos!

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IWantMyVisionBack says:

Doubled the price plus $20 shipping.. they are insane LMAO.

Going to go with a different brand.

Rob Kenyon says:

Thanks for this very helpful video and all the good info you provide! I was wondering how you learned how to use these bands and what exercises to do with them. I see a little pamphlet that comes with the bands — is that all you need to read, or did you watch videos, etc?

John Obk says:

Imagine when the band snap

Daize Bryant says:

They like $80 now

Sahabiya Mohamed says:

Great review.. thank you!

Paul Michael says:

Damnn now It costs 59$ and 20$ for shipping too!

Izaak says:

Just wanted to ask, is it good for building definition/muscle. I'm kind of skinny at the moment but I'm looking to get a more lean or athletic build, would you recommend these? Anyways great vid man 👍

Unknown says:

Please could you show me from your leg? Because I don't understand how did you hook up with your legs.

John Sadiq says:

They bumped the price from $20 and free shipping to $60 and $20 on shipping….. They are really trying to make money during this quarantine

Fettkop says:

Could you combine the weight ? like for example if I'm doing chest flys could I use 2+ bands at once during the exercise?

vertigohan says:

I just look the price. It says $50 + shipping. Am I looking for the right one?

Also, any website where I can find a good quality pull-up bar for home use?

Thx brother

omnibobb says:

Just FYI, these are currently selling for $60 on Amazon + 20 shipping

Josh Wa says:

Does u- powex have a website?

Musa Sayed says:

It costs a lot now!


Gonna get these

conall shaw says:

Good video, have these on the way to Ireland 👍

Steve Rayburn says:

Great review, no fluff, straight to the point. Thank you~!

LuxuriousDesignsHD says:

Kenny KO voice

Veer Juneja says:

Looks great but since it isn't available in Canada, can I go for topelek resistance bands, its rated as number one best seller(4.6 stars) on Amazon Canada in sports and outdoor activities ?

MsLadyofshalotte says:

Anyone else been given a really high price when clicking on the link? I clicked and the amount comes out to 60$ and doesn't offer Prime shipping. Anyone else? Has it gotten that expensive because of the demand? Or inflation? Perhaps I'm doing something wrong… Maybe another recommendation?

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