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This is a Full Body Routine, a Mix of Conditioning, Functional training and core workout, for both men and women, for Advanced and Beginners and can be done at home, at the gym or outdoors. there are 3 different workouts all listed in the video and they are all Brutal! i have given lots of my top tips and alternatives also.

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Obi Vincent says:

Thanks for watching everyone and heres the Gymshark Link for the Black Friday sale Monday 7pmg GMT  https://gym.sh/ObiBirthday … Thank you sooooo much for your support and hope you get some sick training outfits 🙂 #BREAKTHEMOULD

Wang McPeepee says:

i think 2/3 of the views on this video is just thirsty ass mid 30's something woman . lol.

Jacob Shields says:

Thanks boss, got some kettlebells thankfully, you smashed me. How often per week?

Jarsh says:

Would a pair of 35s be a good start for this?

biletar says:

hey there, I am primarily interested in losing weight. Which weight should I start with as a bit advanced trainee of 98 kg? Thanks

Richard Martinez says:

Anybody know what kind of shoes those are? Love the video

Carter Stone says:

what weight should I be using?

Project Ghost Z71 says:

Hodgetwins song comes on . Yeaaahhh

th3Speci4li5t says:

Awesome job obi , thanks 🤙🏻

Jeremy Parrott says:

Definitely have to try this ome out after doing the 80 rep, 4 exercise one. Thanks Obi

Vladimir Ovchinnikov says:

steroids 🙂

Stepanus Lakka says:

Salam hormat dari indonesia Papua barat

Mk L says:

I can honestly go the rest of my life without seeing another ridiculous kettlebell, dumbbell, CrossFit, crushing it video. The next one is more ridiculous than the last one. Most, if not all, just want views and people to pump up they're already inflated egos.

Fast Photogrammetry says:

Did this just now and am definitely feeling this workout, great job and I'm looking for more of your content!

figure807 says:

Looks like a tough workout, but some fundamental kettlebell movement errors – I'm not a pro but they are easy to spot by any girevoy. Hand positioning on the bell, rack position, release timing, etc.

Rusty Shackleford says:

How is it, so many thumbs down? Obi, can you figure this out?

John Mason says:

can you do a video on the best roids to take?

Susana Reid says:

Thx. Obi, I don’t know how I missed this one! ❤️ it! Thx.🤗🤗

Giblix Studio says:

now that the gym is closed i need to work-out at home. usually did only the 10k swings challenge repeatedly. going to try out your work-outs for a more full body replacement for the gym. 🙂

Jason Cherry says:

Aaaahhhhhhh, that’s a painful routine. I’m just learning to use the kettlebells so I’m doing them to the best of my ability and damn this is a punisher. I’m glad you through in the grip tutorial because I have a bad had it of crashing the bells into my wrists. I’m practicing the snatches and cleans with very light weights to just develop the technique so when I actually train I have better form and technique. This is an outstanding routine, great video.

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