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These upper back pain stretching and strengthening exercises should help you find back pain relief. They are easy to do at home or in the office. For Doctor Jo’s blog post about this video, visit: http://www.askdoctorjo.com/content/upper-back-pain-stretches-exercises

The first stretch is for your thoracic area. Sitting in a chair that has a medium back height, put your hands behind your head, and lean back over the backrest of the chair. Relax if you can and hold it for 30 seconds; repeat 3 times.

Next, you want to stretch your pectoralis muscles. If you have a foam roll, this will work best for the stretch. Lie down on the foam roll where it is directly on your spine and your head is supported. Now rest your elbows on the floor out to the side. If that is not enough stretch, you can straighten your arms out and rest them on the floor. If that is still not enough stretch, place your hands behind your head, and press your elbows downward. Hold for 30 seconds and do them 3 times.

Now roll onto your stomach. Roll up a towel and place it under your forehead for comfort. Now put your arms straight out to the sides like you are making a T with your body. Gently raise your arms towards the ceiling, and try to squeeze your shoulder blades together. Your arms don’t have to go high, but they do need to be controlled. Hold them for about 2-3 seconds and do about 10-15.

Roll back onto your back for “snow angels.” This exercise was shown to me from my PT friend Phil who helped me rehab from my shoulder surgery. Put your arms flat on the ground into a slight stop sign position or like you are getting ready to make a snow angel. You can bend your knees your put your legs out straight, but bending the knees will help support your back. Now slowly slide your arms upwards, and try to keep your elbow and arms flat on the ground. Once they start coming up, then slide them back down. You only need to do about 10 of these with 2 sets.

The next stretch is going to be in long sitting where your legs are straight out in front of you. Clasp your hands together directly in front of you, and punch forward while your are curling your back forward and bringing your chin to your chest. You want to have a curl in your back. Hold this for 30 seconds and do 3 times.

The last exercise is “bird dogs.” This is done on all fours or in quadruped. Try to keep your back straight like a tabletop, and try to keep your neck in a neutral position so you don’t strain anything. Now lift one arm up and bring it straight forward. At the same time, lift the opposite leg straight out. Alternate your arms and legs, doing 5-10 on each side.

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Doctor Jo is a licensed Physical Therapist and Doctor of Physical Therapy
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Upper Back Pain Exercises & Stretches:

DISCLAIMER: This video and any related comments are not medical advice. Check with your own healthcare professional before attempting anything in this video. This information is only intended to show you the correct technique for physical therapy exercises and should not be used to self-diagnose or self-treat any medical condition. If you experience any pain or difficulty while doing these exercises, stop immediately and see your healthcare professional.

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AskDoctorJo says:

Purchase a printable worksheet with the Upper Back Exercises & Stretches in this video here: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/buy-upper-back-pain-worksheet
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windridr66 says:

I feel like I have knives in my shoulder blade area and it runs up into my neck.

Latha Kamath says:

Hey Dr. Joe, glad I found you! Really helped my lower and upper back pain today. Thanks for the videos!!

Susmita Gd says:

Many thanks dear Dr. Jo. U r very sweet and decent. Nice to see u. Keep blooming. 👌👍💐

Sai Teja says:

Doctor iam suffering from left side upper back pain from last one year . Iam neglected the pain every 2 minutes my head turn to right side my left arms usually moves up and down to control that pain plz advice some methods to control madam.

gauri raje says:

She deserves alot more

Swae Hibiki says:

Do you have any right upper back videos like the back rib

ネスト ライブ & スタジオ・Nest Live & Studio says:


Praffulata Fernandes says:

Should these neck and back exercises be done once or twice a day?

Nancy Ellsworth says:

Where do I find the foam roll? Could I use something I have at home?

Josef Rajkumar Chalapaka says:

Hi there! I was just stretching my body and just stretched my arms as if I were reaching to the two points A on right and B on left at the same time. I did this several times before but haven't has any problem. Now this time I feel some kind of pain and (a bit inflammation) or what between the scapulae (middle spine). I just applied diclofenac gel for relief.

Irfan Qureshi says:

Thanks Doctor Jo! I just wanted to ask I have several issues throughout my back i.e degenerative changes, disc bulge, upper back pain etc. Pl advise whether I combine all the exercises in one session or what else I shall do?

md.joynal abedinjoy says:

Mam,i have so pain in back pain about 5 year's but not relief it’s. Please tell me good advice me

cieran fortune says:

Good job 😉

dibyendu Roy says:

I m from India. I have 2 time L5 S1 surgery for slip disc . I was ok 5 years . But now I hv started upper back pain of spine . And paid spread from spine to left arm . And this spine pain is about 7 months . Can I do this exercises for my upper spine pain.

RO DP says:

Love the dog

Joe Thomas says:

My son graduated from South Carolina, so he'll appreciate your gamecock pride. I just want the stretches! Thanks!

Megan Perry says:

I seeee Gamecocks!! Hi from Charleston sc.. having upoer back pain found you through that! Thnx

yes i am also thinking same edla says:

First I had right upper limb ache after that I slept and suffered from pain in the neck region and back pain so I need exercise for this

Cherry Jif says:

Over lying down can get upper back pain too

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