Upper body resistance band workout | Upper body workout at home | Upper body strength workout

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This 35 minute Upper body resistance band workout | Upper body workout at home | Upper body strength workout is made up of 3 x blocks of 4 exercises, each exercise for 45 seconds followed by 15 seconds of rest.

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Block 1
1. Resistance band push up
2. Resistance band bent over row and Dead lift
3. Resistance band seated chest press
4. Resistance band seated row

Block 2
1. Resistance band Military press
2. Resistance band dips
3. Resistance band side raises
4. Resistance band hyper extension and lat pulls

Block 3
1. Resistance band hammer curl
2. Resistance band triceps extension
3. Resistance band hammer curl small grip
4. Resistance band triceps side extension


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atmaf05 says:

All the pregnant ladies thank you for this amazing session! You’re keeping gains alive even past the lockdown 👌🏽

Herve Attia says:

Great video! I bought resistance band a month ago and I love it! Your channel provides great resistance video band work out with innovative exercise I haven t seen in other channel.

Anthony Mannall says:

Great workout and well presented – Good job sir 🙂

Andrew Mackintosh says:

CLASS workout man! Wish I discovered this at the start of lockdown, will definitely be keeping an eye on this channel!

Mariana Thomaz says:


Second Universe says:

is this workout good for building muscles as well or only strength?the breaks are probably to short for building muscles or?thanks for an anwer:)



Marina from Soul in the Raw says:

That's was soooo killer omg thank you!!! Needed this during quarantine and beyond

Joshua Aplaca says:

This killed my shoulders!….in a good way! Love all the videos Daniel. I’m limited with at home equipment during this crazy time so these bands and the body weight and kettlebell workouts are great!

Hassania Azar says:

Great workout thank u🙏🏽

Mike D says:

Thank you best structures band workout without any needing any anchoring objects

Madeline Lekatsas says:

Awesome video. Where did you get your bands from?

Leon Kupferschmid says:

Great workout! Thanks Daniel! Looking great there :)!

spikensalem says:

This was an amazing workout, thank you! Really easily adjusted to resistance cables if you don’t have the continuous loop style of resistance band. I wish there was a warm up and cool down/stretch in the video too, since I don’t really know what I’m doing, but that seems to be a consistent thing on youtube workout videos.

Healthy Consistency says:

Oooh this was 🔥 I pumped up a good sweat. I loved the rear delt exercise while activating the lower back with the extension at the same time. Those were KILLER

Vivian Dohlen says:

This was killer!!! I am so happy I found your channel! I loved your playlist too! Can't wait to try another one of your workouts tomorrow!!!

shees hassan says:

This man should get paid for what he is teaching us here 🙌

Stephen Jackson says:

Yay 😀 awesome 👏🏾 workout 🏋️‍♀️. So glad I found you. You have such a unique personality. You had me sweating, definitely challenging and laughing too. Love the music. RJ from 🇺🇸

Y O says:

I've done many resistance bands upper body workouts before , and this is by far the toughest! keep up the good work mate!

kardashian heart says:

omg just finished, loved this workout so much!! Please do more resistance band upper workout!

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