Upper Chest Workout At Home (ZERO EQUIPMENT NEEDED!)

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Try this pushup variation for a full upper chest workout at home with zero equipment to work your upper chest muscle fibers and I recommend that you try 3-5 sets at the end of your chest workout, or try this everyday at home to put more volume onto those stubborn upper chest muscle fibers!

Whether you are looking for more body weight exercises for your chest or just want to build your upper chest better, try this upper chest workout routine using just this pushup and let me know what you think!


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SuperHuman You says:

Missed my video from this morning that has stirred up some controversy around the bench press? Its a MUST WATCH before your next chest workout. Go here next Superhuman Fam! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynnPdOlE1-g

Frank Checo says:

I don’t know why I find these so hard… Great stuff!!


Starts at 1:47 YOUR WELCOME

jpage207 says:

This looks like it will be hell on my elbows, but Imma give it a go!

mike Arias says:

Just found your channel love the content man keep it up 👍🏽

Two hour Workout says:

Are your variety of exercises doing the job to develop your physique or are you depending on steroids and drugs to create your physique???

Mike Seńor Swole Barnett says:

Favorite gym gear is Walmart shorts and tanks, with Chucks

Saarthak Boxi says:

You have a video with bodybuilding.com congrats

Wayne milne says:

wait how did u know I do chest on Monday

Daniel Holt says:

I put a lot of fun information here including the comments:


Everything is a panoply of dichotomies of Allness. The Universe and everything of it and everyone down to the spirit, DNA, atoms, and sub-atoms are connected to Allness and pure consciousness the singular and the plural as the Universe and everything and everyone of it are all God as one in plural consciousness of one of the whole. All fully bipedal beings are directly connected to God the Father through Allness, pure consciousness, and through their souls/atmans/jivas/thought adjustor infinite fragments that are a direct connection to God the Father. We're all God as God is everything. Everything is energy, everything is light, everything is life. Everything is consciousness. Everything is composed of planck length/ultimatons, which is derived from and connected to Paradise Havona (beyond Infinite to the Infinite power and Aleph-Aleph-Three) the Absolute and Co-Absolute bigger than 100,000 suns with 1 billion surrounding spheres of literal God cultures infinitely above the mortal cultures. In Paradise is God the Father's throne. Other forms of planck length theorized are quantum foam, spacetime foam, and quantum vacuum.

Everything is God

More of David Hawkins and his calibrations:



Here is a similar video to the other couch video I shared of David Hawkins. But this video he talks about being in Totality of Creation when the kleet lights (metaphorical) turned on from Oblivion to Allness. I think I had also read when attaining enlightenment challenges between Allness and the Void either happen at 850 (Final Doorway) or at 1000. I have read of Total Reality existing as did Infinite One of the Infinitude before God the Father self created himself:


Everything is energy, everything is life, everything is pure consciousness.


https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10203351180446235&set=a.10203250982581351.1073741827.1412783638&type=3&theater Everyone has a number by their personal level of consciousness. Everything can be quantified in an energy field. Calibrations of the applied kinesiology level of consciousness technique created by Dr. David R. Hawkins PhD MD:



Finite 0 is the void, nothingness. 0-199 are negative, 200-1000 and above are positive. That's just for the physical reality. Earth Heaven is just an intermediatory reality and temporary point for humans in-between lifetimes. Non-physical material and non-physical non-material realities go to 50,000 +, to Infinite +, to Infinite to the Infinite power +, to Aleph-Aleph-Three +, and to Euler's Identity/Constant 0. Constant 0 may be Allness. David Hawkins calibrated Gods and Goddesses at Infinite, but they would have calibrated much higher if he checked.

For just the linear details of thousands of modern scientific subjects Power vs Force and Truth vs Falsehood are David Hawkins's best books. Power vs Force is a good primer before going into Truth vs Falsehood. Most of his other books are into the deep scientific spiritual study on attaining the stages of enlightenment.

Urantia Book like David Hawkins says the Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism are true, and that the male Holy Trinity is taught of in Hinduism, Christianity, Salem, Judaism, and Islam. Buddhism also teaches of these Gods and Goddesses but with different names, the enlightened Siddhartha Gautama also taught of them. David Hawkins and Urantia Book both also say creationism and evolution are also true. Hindu Trimurti/Holy Trinity/Elohim of God the Father/Brahma, God the Son/Vishnu, and Holy Spirit/Shiva.


An interesting person that follows many spiritual works including David Hawkins:




e to the i pi power plus constant 1 = constant 0. For centuries in math education this number is far beyond Infinite to the Infinite power, Aleph-Aleph-Three, and pi:


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYF0SWma000&feature=youtu.be Footage of mysticism supernatural healing. This person heals with King Solomon, archangels, angels, and saints of the afterlife.

David Hawkins said he attained the literal stages of enlightenment from the more beginning stages to the highest stage of enlightenment at 1000 a mortal body can attain to the same level Prince Siddhartha Gautama the Buddha, Zoroaster, Krishna, and Jesus Christ attained. David Hawkins speaks of one stage of enlightenment at 850 the Final Doorway I think a challenge of Allness and the Void.

Some of his later books he calibrated some chapters or the whole book at 999, and the books are said to usually calibrate at the level of the author. He can also lower his calibration to get more into linear subjects but his calibrations are still high. He details the stages of enlightenment and how to attain them in his books.

David Hawkins co-wrote Orthomolecular Psychiatry: Treatment of Schizophrenia with Linus Pauling in the 1970s:


This link gets into David Hawkins's biography, education, journey, and list of major accomplishments:


Biography of Linus Pauling:


Doctor David Hawkins MD PhD had done his own mystic supernatural healing work psychologically and physically in a cheap medical clinic he ran for a time saving countless lives from chronic mental illness, chronic physical illness, and near death that modern medical science would find impossible to heal. His enlightened spiritual energy would heal those in the lowest depths of shame, inner Hell, and the most severe catatonia in the most extreme mental wards that modern medical science would find impossible to heal.

He would miraculously heal those with major health problems. His psychiatry practice generated much more money than his medical clinic so this medical clinic wasn't for the money, as a multi-millionaire his later web-site with lectures, high level teachings, and his series of in detail 1000 page books are considered the most profound in the spiritual field. Before he attained enlightenment he was at intellectual genius of 499 much of his life like Albert Einstein.

His web-site he owns veritaspub:


Here is an interview of David Hawkins with Oprah Winfrey:


Oprah Winfrey special years ago on John of God's miraculous healing with live footage of his healing:


Daniel Holt says:

The science of Bulgarian:

Lifting everyday, Bulgarian lifting:



Here's the New Age HIT and HVT guy. His girlfriend is a PhD I like to watch both of their channels. He did put together an effective system I like and I created phase shifts long before. He mixed HIT and Bulgarian lifting together at full body a day 3-6 days a week. The other difference with his HIT than on average besides Bulgarian is that he has 3 sets a lift. He also has a beginner routine to work up to his HIT full body 6 days a week routine. I compiled my most recent articles before watching any of his HIT videos, and I made no changes to any of my articles. My articles and comments are always set in stone. He and his PhD girlfriend have a good energy. We're like in the same collective consciousness pool I noticed with certain people on the web and YouTube years ago like Matt Stone, Clarence Bass, Scott Abel, and others. Some of them was from over a decade ago, some of them it's more recent.



Here is a key video of HIT from Jeff Nippard:


His HIT workout routine:


I talked about HIT with the ideology to mix it with Bulgarian training but a lot of people may like to go straight to modified Blood and Guts full body routine close to failure 3 sets a lift at first (Blood and Guts is really high volume training). HIT is good for going back in weak point training for 10 lifts, 1 set a lift, a full body routine 3-5 days a week. Their body plateaus at it at 3 days, then they go 5 days, at a plateau go back to 3 days to see if lifts get stronger.

Then switch to 5 sets a lift at 10 lifts, 5 sets a lift, 50 sets a day for 3-5 days a week. This is the Bulgarian principal to program a much higher recovery and programs a steroid effect of muscle fiber growth science by going full body 5 days a week gets into only for Bulgarian lifting.

This science is true for athletics which is why athletes do the same workout full body routine 5 days a week and training athletics full body 5 days a week, as it builds specific muscles to their specific athletics of the muscles they work everyday. 7 days a week is not recommended and the body will break down at 7 days a week which is the weakness of how Bulgarian is taught.

In HIT or HVT the person wants to go to 30 rep max sets (slow twitch muscle fibers) each set close to failure first also with dumbbells and machines. Then they can adapt quickly to 12 rep max sets close to failure (each rep is 80% of 1 rep max), and 4 rep maxes close to failure (each rep is 94% to 95% of 1 rep max). 12 rep maxes are best known for that muscle hypertrophy appearance in Type IIA muscle fibers, but 30 rep maxes really program coordination, strength, endurance, healing, form, and recovery. 4 rep maxes are best for total strength in Type IIB muscle fibers.

Workload and total accumulated weight lifted when added in all reps and sets of a 30 rep max are really high. Why not 100 rep maxes? 30 rep maxes is about the heaviest range for slow twitch muscle fibers, any higher reps than that just takes longer and doesn't challenge the strength load. 12 rep maxes get the most muscle hypertrophy compared to 6-8 rep maxes. 4 rep maxes are better for total strength than 1 rep maxes.

A calisthenics alternative HIT workout is also good but calisthenics to this degree is harder, so many may need to do good with weights before going to calisthenics months or even years later depending on what level of experience and muscle development they are at. Do calisthenics separately than weights, one or the other in separate phases. Calisthenics to this degree is more thorough than how calisthenics is practiced by most.

I've gone near to failure every set and was able to get it to where I would have 5 even sets a lift of a HVT 200 set full body 5 day split routine. It didn't start out consistent, I worked up to it such as 30 rep maxes. Then I could lift as heavy as possible of 12 rep maxes close to failure for 5 sets straight a lift. It didn't start out even like that, so my last few sets in a 30 rep max would get weaker I started out light anyway but as I go back to those lifts the next week they improve alot to where they eventually equalize. It took some months but the lifelong progress is so much quicker and so much more efficient.

That means go strict as non-cheat lifts, a lot of pros and big athletes will use momentum and cheating on all of their non-cheat lifts and make it look natural which cheats them of what the movement really has to offer. They have a lot of injuries. Because it's done this way this often, even most advanced lift like this and don't know proper strict lifting and what it offers they have no idea of it.

Additional videos:







Jeff Nippard's other recent HIT videos:




13-14 lifts

1. Calves/ Calf Raises *

2. Lower back/hips/glutes/quads/hams/ Hip Thrusts*

3. Upper abs/ crunches or ab machine or ab twists

4. Lower abs/ leg raises

5. Neck/ neck bridges or neck machine*

6. Grip/ weights with grip machine regular grip or reverse grip or hammer grip

7. Shoulders/ dumbbell shoulder press or clean and jerk – also reverse grip *

8. Forearm/ wrist curls or reverse wrist curls

9. Chest/ dumbbell incline bench press or dumbbell bench press or dumbbell decline bench press – also reverse grip *

10. Tricep/ dip machine

11. Bicep/ preacher curls or dumbbell curls or hammer curls or reverse curls

12. Upper back/ pullups or pull downs – also reverse grip *

13. Lats/ heavy T-Bar rows or cable rows

* or lunges as second priority, third priority is deadlift, and finally squats or hack squats. Leg Press comes much later. Those alternative movements focus on certain areas moreso but for HIT stick to one lift a body group. You can add another lift to work the lower back if you don't do hip thrusts, which is the lower back extension machine.

*You don't have to do neck every time the neck can get really tired. Do the movement, plateau at it, and take a break for some workouts.

* You can also grip bar wide, regular, or narrow for shoulder press, bench press, and pullups/pull downs, regular most of the time, for bench press narrow grip is thumb distance grip from the center divider of that side, wide grip is gripping right outside of the outward divider. For squat or deadlift you also use the wide, regular, or narrow stances. Narrow has an impact too it's just narrow kind of odd but doable and a new challenge. Wide is sumo stance study Stephanie Cohen youtube videos on sumo deadlift and sumo squat. On squats go ass to grass if you can. Leg Press has 3 stances too just figure out footing without hurting knees. Going higher focuses on hams, going lower focuses on quads.

At 14 sets this takes 19 minutes to complete. A superset session would take 10 minutes to complete. A circuit would take 5 minutes to complete.

At 70 sets this takes 94 minutes to complete. A superset session would take 47 minutes to complete. A circuit would take 24 minutes to complete.

A 87 set full body HVT Blood and Guts modified routine I created would take 116 minutes to complete. A superset session would take 58 minutes to complete. A circuit would take 29 minutes to complete.

Only go ass to grass if you can do it parallel otherwise it defeats the purpose. Only go as low as possible at parallel. It could take months to get to ass to grass, and if you can't get to ass to grass what really matters is quality depth at parallel.

Further reading of some different routines, supplemental work, nutrition, and supplementation also read all of the comments:




Greatest strength feats of men and women mentioned in these:



martin nogales says:

Thanks a lotta troy

Daniel Lock says:

Nice , I did some of these and already felt my chest activate a good pump

Dean Allen says:

Those are prison push-ups on the yard

Leroy Bradley says:

Question, hand placement is at chest level or shoulder? Looks like chest level, wanted to verify… thanks


I like when you do exercise videos very entertaining to watch!!..😂 That tattoo of a lion on your shoulder makes you look like a tough guy Troy 😚😋😚😚

Simon Forinton says:

Wow just did a quick 20 like this and it hits the upper chest hard but also hits my front delts like crazy. EDIT: absolutely amazing tho dude, best upper chest activation and i've never seen this one anywhere. Stopped feeling the delts when i don't lock out.. (re-watched must have missed that part.)

lalalalaland84 says:

Are you pressing against the wall mostly on your toes, heels, or evenly distributed?

malcolm adderley says:


malcolm adderley says:


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