Using Resistance Bands to Workout Shoulders Like a Physique Pro

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Looking to step up your delt game and get those big boulder shoulders like a physique pro? Here’s how to incorporate resistance bands with free weights to get an insane shoulder workout that will hit those delts from front to back.

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unicron222 says:

@21:39 He was right we just didn't think it would be a virus that would do it.

Tony Malczon says:

Thanks so much for these videos. Not having a great day, then I watched your videos and started doing the workouts

crikeymos22 says:

The guy with the beard has an amazing body. I want him to train me. 🥰

Justin Meriwether says:

where is this gym? It's in the back of a costco

SealAngel says:

Yeah yeah for sure. He should read more books instead of lifting heavy weights for an extended vocabulary.

sampson2525 says:

Are they working out at Home Depot?

Coburn Karma says:

Used some old bike inner tubes and they are quite elastic and strong. Great video. Thanks. Sub'd.👍👍👍

Joe Mofo says:

I bet the only time that dude didn’t say “yeah yeah yeah” was when you asked him if he remembered leg day.

denis murphy says:

Excellent. You kill me with these 5 minute resistance band workouts. Love them.

LickDaddy 69 says:

Can’t wait for my bands to come in so I can get a sick shoulder pump

Marie Gabriel John 3:16 says:

Awesome workout thank you!!! God Bless you. ❤

Luke Bakhuizen says:

I bought a resistance band set from and they are the best! I have actually enjoyed using them and had some great gains. I used a broom stick (i know lol) with the band to do a bench press and it's exactly like a bench press at the gym. I like that I can travel with a whole set of them and exercise on the go when I am travelling.

majoven says:

Goddamn, the Asian dude is annoying with all the yeah, yeah, yeah🤯

Daxman says:

Question to anyone here ? Has anyone tried using 2 bands 1 on each hand tied to something to do chest or 2 bands to do shoulder presses ?

Keith Sugiyama says:

yea yea yea… yea yea yea lol

Taron YB says:


Gilbert Zaldivar says:

This is an awesome series. Not being able to go to a gym right now due to the pandemic and bought some bands. I am definitely getting a great workout. Thank you for posting the series!

Daniel fisher says:

The sex noises are filthy

Duc Le says:

Awesome – great video!

jimmy5634 says:

I have had the best results by far building my shoulders with bands and a lot less stress on my tendons and joints.
“She Loves You yeah, yeah, yeah. “

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