What You need to Know About Bodyweight Training: The Different Types of Calisthenics

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Hey gang! Thanks for tuning in 😀
In recent weeks there have been an awful lot of new bodyweight training videos hitting YouTube – for obvious reasons! Trouble is, they all contain pretty different advice, which may leave you unsure of where to turn.

In this video, I discuss the different types of bodyweight training, so you can get a better idea of how to adapt calisthenics to your specific goals.

There is a world of difference between doing push ups for reps, doing metcon circuits, doing bodybuilding-style intensity techniques, and doing calisthenics skills training.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions. Hope you’re all staying healthy and well!

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John Zachos says:

Nice content..you definitely deserve a bigger audience

John Bodiba says:

Really going to buy your book just as a thank you. You're sooooo smart man. Wow. I've read a lot about this. Everything from the classics of strength training (strongman – pre-steroid type of content) to all the Convict Conditioning books to Mark Rippeote. Your grasp is eons ahead of mine and I just pray that you continue to build and share. This is god's work man. Wow

Baiju Sebastin says:

I have a tip I noticed that your front shoulder muscle is more focused and stronger than your middle or back shoulder muscles which may lead to muscle imbalance or injuriess

Matt Bartlett says:

When you say high rep for push ups etc, how many do you mean? Just until failure?

Abdulhalim Alhiraki says:

Thank you for spreading such useful info brother!! I love the fact your doing this at your home which gives an authentic feel which also clearly shown from your vibe. Keep it up!!!

C. J says:

0:36 workout name anybody?


Yeah… I can’t wait to get back to the gym. For me it’s all about making my shoulders, arms and back big so my belly looks smaller, and of course get rid of the moobs. I hate those things, I have had them since preteen years. Thanks for the video.

Oh ha says:

good stuff!

Gevork Babayan says:

Try explosive pushups. Clap on each rep. You will get your muscles the workout they need.
Jump on the stairs with pushups. Try going up 15 and down and tell me it is not challenging enough.

soldierx345 says:

I use car batteries at work. Can do a few reps with a group 35 battery

Avinash Rawal says:

Bodybuilding may give you muscle mass fast , with proper diet and rest , but i guarantee you, the power and the mobility , nimbleness in the body can beat any Olympia in one precise punch

Jeffrey Bozko says:

Push ups with a backpack with weights in them

AJ 'Bigdog' Carter says:


MarsHolst20 says:

Man, I always kept your channel on the periphery but this made me subscribe. About to do the push day of your free program (and I’ll most likely buy the super functional training e book). You’re great. Great energy, great insight👌🏿

A Eshghi says:

Jeff Cavaliere disagrees with some notes in your video! :))

Nidal Alabboud says:

Can u please talk about Strongman training on a Video!

Dmitri Ciccarelli says:

Theres just something about calistenics that you dont get with weights. Love it.

Tyler K. says:

Great video. The only thing I feel like you missed would be adding weight to calisthenics. Weighted pushups and pull ups are great

D birdflips says:

My Notes:
11:40 he combines everything in a pyramid structure and does do endurance training at the end of his workouts to increase the capileries and blood delivery in the muscle also to prime the autonomic nervous system. Your fatiguing and using your fast twitch muscle fibers!

Cryptic Wolf says:

HOW can I have a chat with you about working out with long-term handicap such injuries, id love to dicuss info with you and I loved the vid, if you are interested msg me via Instagram : king_johnny_devil or such whatever works idc

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