Why I Believe Bodyweight Training is BEST

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Nemz Lord says:

But how do you build biceps with body weight? I want definition in all my muscle groups

Aniket Sen says:

I fell in love with calisthenics at first, I trained whenever I got time to train. But recently I realised that the great calisthenics athletes who can do a bunch of badass moves can actually dip more weight than they can squat, or in other words their upper body is stronger than their legs. Which I think is very disproportionate. I think that is the disadvantage of calisthenics training.

Lykourgos Fylaktakis says:

Bodyweight training with olympic lifting or powerlifting will build an amazing strong looking athletic physique. Trust me!

Jordan Alfie says:

Insane view on body weight training, spot on, do you still believe this?

Bobi Nestoroski says:

Ur totally right greetings from Australia

Ira Israt says:

Keep it simple like I did. I lost 18 kg with diet plan from website NextLevelDiet.

Jamie Lee Green says:

How you supposed to get good leg strength doing body weight training compared to squats and deadlift.

trexbattle says:

It’s February 2nd football Sunday 2020 I’m laying in my hammock and a yoelliot video is still just what I need

Jason Hollis says:

Fitness FAQs the best bodyweight channel on YouTube.

Jeeses99 says:

I'm gonna switch to upper body calisthenics mostly. Only ones imma keep are Barbell Overhead Press and Barbell Row. For legs I'm gonna do more box jumps and work on my Pistol Squat, but I'm mostly gonna stick to Squats, Deadlifts, and Walking Lunges.

Ralph Warom says:

Seeing this in 2020, I have never felt joint pain with bodyweight training. It is just easier to get the form down when you are the load.

quantum wizard says:

I used to put rocks in a backpack and do pushups/chinups when I was a teen, now I just work with dumbbells lol. I workout 5 days a week. For instance, Monday I'll do dumbbell flat bench press/bicep curls/carries/rows, Tuesday I'll do my ab work which consists of crunches/bicycles and I also throw a 10 lb medicine ball around for explosive power (upgrading to 20lbs) and Wednesday I'll do leg work, which is dumbbell squats and weighted calf raises. 2 days off then start all over lol. I also do exercises to increase my reaction time everyday.

luhut Sagala says:

gymnastics training makes me more athletic
strongman training makes me stronger
combine those 2 and youlle be a badass

willy's life says:

Dude hey man, I started doing calisthenics only as of 1 month now due to a vehicle accident I had last year and I found out from an xray that I had 3 cervical or neck herniations and a broken vertebrae. I also found that my 3 discs are 50 to 100 percent herniated along with a chunk of disc sheared off and floating in my neck harassing my nerves and I have 7 discs with severe degeneration. In the last 1.5 years I've cut 20 lbs of weight and changed my diet and I have a cervical decompression apparatus and an inversion table to help me.. I've got some flak from quitting lifting but man I feel strong and alot of my dizziness has gone down.. I collapsed 8 months ago getting into a work truck and have had severe anxiety from my nerves being pinched. I'm 42 and was doing strongman training for 3 years when all this kicked my ass. Thanks for promoting this

Samuel Dereje Mekonnen says:

Who is here after Ksi beat logan Paul?🥊🥊

William Villar says:

I miss this version of Mr Hulse

daniel2000 says:

Great words bro!!! Thanks

Dizzy N says:

Hey Elliot, a one arm push up.

Ryan Deffley says:

I lift hard/heavy on my lower body. But for upper body I'll take weighted calisthenics all day long.

You're not only building primary strength, but also stabilizer strength as well. It takes a TON of relative overall strength to ctrl your body through space.

I think why guys don't see results with calisthenics is because they don't train with ctrl and mindful intensity. They use shit form and mindlessly bang out reps. But when you look at gymnasts that use slow tempo, pauses, isometric holds, etc they're ripped/jacked!

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