Workout at Home for Beginners (DUMBBELLS ONLY)

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Join Chris Heria from the comfort of your home with this beginner (dumbbell only) workout that will help you start getting in the best shape of your life!

Instagram: @chrisheria

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Jvon Wallace says:

Yo thanks this came in handy during this quarantine

Alvaro Molixa says:

How much does those dumbbells weigh??

Saacha Morgan says:

In what world is this for beginners? You really imagine someone who is BEGINNING workouts (and probably doesn't have fancy equipment) is going to be able to do pushup rows? let alone 20 of them? Get a grip.

Muhaimin Zulkarnain says:

All these home workout videos are gaining views thanks to the coronavirus.

Erik Jug says:

Ur tats are fire as fuck bro

Shaun b says:

Yesur just started today💪🏾💪🏾

Jaime Brown says:

Those push up rows are gruesome.

Sameer Nivjekar says:

Dumbbells weight

Relaxing To Gameplay says:

I’m a beginner and have 5kg dumbbells. Just to know, can you do dumbbell exercises with any weight? And how many times a week would you do this workout? Before you need to give the muscles a rest

Rony Simeon says:

Do you think there some Yakuzas following you man? The last move is not for us.

Mr. Cyber says:

Wear a shirt bro

ankit Kumar says:

My chest was become strong!! but one side chest was stronger and other side becomes week . I feel unbalanced :'(

ng yeng hoong says:

Hi Chris saw this workout routine . It good during the Lockdown in Malaysia i can do this exercise at my home. I am a beginner .How many rounds should i perform and the rest time per workout. Is it one minute and how many days should i do this in a week. Kindly advise me. Thank You.

Stephen Mardlin says:

This guy has no idea what a beginner is…….

Bobby John says:

Bro thank you now i can update my dumbbell workouts during this whole virus thingy coming out of quarantine shredded 🤞🏾💯

ez wowmoh says:

How heavy should my dumbbells be???

Andreas Mavridis says:

I have round dumbells how to do the first exersise

Kamari Saunders says:

Any one else notice that this guy has the devils star tattooed on his left arm? I cant stand people like this…

Joka Borisov says:

What if i tell you that you can earn, while you shopping right

Leox Villanueva says:

your my idol now

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