Yoga Weight Loss Challenge! 20 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Workout Beginners & Intermediate

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#Yoga #WeightLoss Challenge! 20 Minute #FatBurning Yoga Workout #Beginners & Intermediate

Joy guides you through a full body workout to burn fat and tone your glutes, abs and arms! Can you meet the challenge? Of course you can!!

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Part 2 – Yoga Weight Loss Challenge

Part 3 – Yoga Weight Loss Challenge

Part 4 – Yoga Weight Loss Challenge

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PsycheTruth says:

Please CLICK THE NOTIFICATION BELL! Our subscribers aren't being shown our videos unless they click the notification bell next to the subscribe button.

x. unknown.x says:

Do you actually loose weight with yoga? You're not even doing anything lol


I want to loose weight i have found out a product can anyone tell me is it legit its an review of the product on youtube please check and suggest :

Magdalene Natasha says:

I'm trusting this one and gonna do it.. Will update if I get resultss

A plus health life says:

This is exactly what I talk about in this video:

Richa Soy says:

Shin over shin! I am not that flexible! I have stiffness issues. I hope trying this will not hurt me. Hehe… I will try 😅

Chandan Kumar Gautam says:

Learn why breathing exercises are important

Vanita Patel says:

I like your workout but you talk too much that we can’t relax

Azra nur betül Yalçın says:

İ will start today. İ need some motivation guys please 🙂

Jez Del says:

I like it when exercise videos have “normal” inflexible members doing the poses, otherwise most yogis always seemed super fit & super flexible.

m says:

how many calories would this burn, please?? @PsycheTruth

yogawithmanoj says:
Diet plan for weight loss

Jullien Speiser says:

Wow that's great

Cornelia Marin says:

Nice class but too much talking is distracting!

jencassandra says:

Your yogas exercise helps me a lot during this quarantine. Thank you for sharing ladies.

Daria Buczek says:

I have back problems, so whenever I go from cow to cat, my back hurts a lot

Ydnar De La Banda says:

Honestly, I never had problems with my weight. I could eat whatever I wanted and still maintain normal weight, but a lot of junk food really affected my health. Diet plan from Next Level Diet contains delicious and nutritionally rich foods your body, brain and heart will love. It's definitely worth trying.

RamsVlog says:

wow nice paakap naman

Acharyakulam Yoga Pratibha says:

Try this Out!

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