Beginner Full Body Calisthenics Workout – No Equipment

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Hey Guys! I hope you have all had a fantastic holiday and New Year Period!

Today’s video has been highly requested for months and I am so happy to finally be able to have recorded it and help others get as passionate about bodyweight training as I am!

This workout is structured to introduce you to some of the fundamental exercises that form the basis of calisthenics. These are a great place to start if you are looking to get stronger and fitter without using a gym!

This is a circuit style workout taken from my 12 Week Beginners Fitness program. It is designed so you will repeat the exercises back to back with no breaks (or as little as possible) until you have completed them all. You will have a 1 minute rest and then repeat the circuit for a total of 3 or 4 times.

Warm Up: 03:18
Main Workout: 05:49
Cool – Down: 14:55

Exercises In Order:
Incline Push Ups
Tricep Dips
Bodyweight Squats
Side Plank
Hollow Body Hold
Leg Raises
Dorsal Raise

Just a quick note to apologise for my voiceover being slightly quieter than the rest of the video. When I was editing and doing the voiceover I had started to lose my voice but really wanted to get this video up for you guys for the New Year!

1-2-1 Coaching:

If you enjoyed this and would like to see more videos like this please let me know. If you would prefer follow along workouts where I do it in time with you please let me know as well and I will do this next time!

I really hope you enjoy this workout and I can’t wait to see how you get on!

Lucy x


Filming Location: Primal Life Gym –

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mia mh says:

Im a newbie in working out, ive been following this video for about 2 weeks now. Im feeling alot more energetic, and so much healthier. Thank you so much for the video!

Victoria Parish says:

Other beginners calisthenics videos: do pull-ups, push-ups, pistol squats 😐
Thanks for a actual beginners calisthenics video! 🙏🏻

Graziella Bellardita says:

When is the best time to do this?

Lara del pin says:

Lol! I have the cat-assistant while trailing too! Good workout I just tried…totally out of shape but I hope to stick to it. Thanks

Emily Rosenberger says:

I think you should do the exercises in time with the audience, that would be super helpful! Loved the video, and love the kitty!

Zuzu's GLOBE says:

Good stuff gal 😊

Greg Di Leo says:

Excellent Job, I am linking your video to my Physical education classes. Informative, well executed, complete. Thank you for posting!

constanza oliveros says:

Hey lucy! Thanks a lot for sharing. You really inspire me. Is this routine for weight loss?

Saffana Siddiqui says:

I can do all others.. except the first one… the hell can one sit like that ?

Hey! Aashish tell me says:

Nice video lucy .thanks

For Voice over to ensure whole audio on same level you could use levelator app or software

SuouEtsumi says:

Never heard of calisthenics before! But I like it!
I was only able to finish one round this time… which is 50% a mental thing of not wanting to start all over again haha

moichmena says:

Thank you so much!!!!! ❤️
It feels so good to do this work out 💪
And you have added possibilities for me to actually finish the whole thing and feel fit afterwards. I love it!

And I would LOVE a do along! This way I would have to pause it and go back and forward!

Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏

Aimen Abdul Raheem says:

This was lovely! Please do a follow along!

nc nc says:

I have an open wrist so I don't think I can do the arm exercises.

Rithika Carol says:

I absolutely love you and your videos Lucy! I really struggle with losing fat and getting tone but not anymore. Thank you so much for using the most basic exercises which bring the most results. Love you

Mel D says:

I just learnt how to do a painless lunge because of this video!!! I have been avoiding lunges for 2 weeks now bcz i had excruciating pain! Thanks for great illustrations for each movement, the different angles are extremely useful! 💝

Selina Kyle says:

Follow in time would be beeeerfect!!! <3

Mahima Pereira says:

Yep a follow along workout would be more preferable

kattinboots says:

YES this would be better as a "class"!!! "Follow along". Because this way, I had to keep stopping to pause the video, play, pause, play…. not awesome!

Ramandeep Kaur Mand says:

This is so good. Workouts and instructions are simple and easy to follow. More content like this please!

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